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Getting to Know You. We begin with a complimentary consultation - if you’re near one of our studios, we like to get together in person; but, if not, or if time is an issue, we get on a call instead.

If you like what you hear and our process makes sense to you, we make a plan for the next steps. After the initial meeting, we examine our findings and use this information to create a project proposal. We then schedule a second meeting in which to discuss and refine the project proposal.

Ideation itself is the process of generating, exploring, and evaluating new ideas. Clients often come to us with a project that is preplanned and ready to go.


When that is the case, we skip the ideation step and move right into designing the project. Sometimes, however, even when a client knows what the end result of their project or campaign should be, we need to help them pin down specifics and do some planning before the design process can begin.

We then customize and direct the appropriate fields of production according to the needs of your project(s). Several forms of production that your project may require are as follows: brand development; logo design; print design; photography; copywriting; audio, video and multimedia; web design, social media, SEO, and overall online presence development.